About Ralph & Lahni De Amicis


 We were writing books and speaking to groups internationally about health and design before we became tour guides, and the original book we planned was about winery buildings.

But then we started touring to do the research and the books started out as our notes about the area. The building book morphed into our first tour book. The Apps grew out of the books because a tour book in your phone with maps and directories is exactly what you need touring wine country.

The TV show grew out of the videos we created for the apps, and grew and grew. Because of our work as guides, authors and TV producers we have gotten to know the region in great detail, an asset our clients seem to appreciate.

Over the years clients who had toured with us privately asked us to arrange day long experiences  for their groups, both corporate and family. There is nothing like spending a day in Wine Country to bond people in a very fun, emotionally satisfying way.

Because the key to truly enjoying the day is knowing Wine Country history culture, not to forget the art of tasting, we found it helpful to present a speech at the beginning of the day, and augmented that each time we arrived at a new winery.

Because it is so helpful we offer our Joys of Wine Country talk to other groups to help enhance their enjoyment of this remarkable place. We also offer a group of speeches on our business topic Strategic Ergonomics. To contact is pr get a quote

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