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Napa & Sonoma
A Love Affair in Maps

Designed with the day trip in mind, with plenty of easy to read maps, planned theme tours, large fonts, and short chapters about the most important aspects of enjoying Wine Country, for a day or three. This is designed to be used in a car with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair. It includes a contact directory of the 450 wineries in the two counties that happily welcome visitors. Wine Survivor is a Game version of the book,  
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Napa Navigator

For all of its beauty and potential for intoxication, Wine Country is Farm Country, albeit with really good restaurants. Wherever you have to search out wineries out along winding, narrow roads, the wine is a farm product, more akin to baskets of strawberries than liquor bottles behind a cocktail bar.

So, the Amicis Winery Guide's newest book, the Napa Navigator provides the busy and slightly inebriated wine tourist with what they need. First, 5 short chapters about navigating Napa safely and enjoying wine tasting like an adult.

Second: A detailed, unbiased (AWG accepts no advertising) winery directory from 'in the know' tour guides, of the most often visited places, excluding those that require a secret handshake to get in.

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About Ralph & Lahni de Amicis

 We were writing books before we became tour guides, and the original book we planned was about winery buildings. But then we started touring to do research and the books started out as our notes about the area. The building book morphed into a tour book and the two books here are numbers 9 and 10 in the series that we have written about wine tourism. Lahni claims that we continue to tour with clients so that we can keep the books and apps current, but in truth we enjoy touring and miss it when we don't.

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Our books are in transition, with a limited number listed here, beccause we are in the middle of creating new editions of the Dream Tours Series. We are also updating and expanding our 'Maps' books, listed here. On top of that we are also working on a our first 'Travel' book of stories called "Wine Country in Shorts". Yes! Busy TImes!