Rates & Minimums for Private Tours (parties of 2-6 ppl)

Our Rates: The standard vehicle rate for our Lincoln Navigator is $85 per hour for up to 6 people. We add a flat rate fuel surcharge of either $30 or $50 for the day depending upon point of origin. Gratuities are always at your discretion.

 We are sorry but we do not pickup in San Francisco but if you would like to enjoy a scenic and leisurely ferry excursion to Vallejo we will be happy to pick you up and drop you off there. If not, we are happy to refer you to a colleague who is based in San Francisco for your wine tour.

 Minimums: We have a 5 hour minimum on weekdays MON-THU, and 6 hours on weekends FRI, SAT, SUN. Parties of 6 ppl and all tours that originate outside of wine country (Vallejo, Larkspur, Sausalito, Windsor, Healdsburg, Marin County, etc) always have a 6 hour minimum due to extra drive times.

For full Contract & Policies details contact Lahni. 

Voice:707-235-2648 Email:Lahni@AmicisTours.com 

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Napa Navigator

For all of its beauty and potential for intoxication, Wine Country is Farm Country, albeit with really good restaurants. Wherever you have to search out wineries out along winding, narrow roads, the wine is a farm product, more akin to baskets of strawberries than liquor bottles behind a cocktail bar.

So, the Amicis Winery Guide's newest book, the Napa Navigator provides the busy and slightly inebriated wine tourist with what they need. First, 5 short chapters about navigating Napa safely and enjoying wine tasting like an adult.

Second: A detailed, unbiased (AWG accepts no advertising) winery directory from 'in the know' tour guides, of the most often visited places, excluding those that require a secret handshake to get in. $8.95 Plus $3 Shipping total $11.95 

Napa & Sonoma
A Love Affair in Maps

Designed with the day trip in mind, with plenty of easy to read maps, planned theme tours, large fonts, and short chapters about the most important aspects of enjoying Wine Country, for a day or three. This is designed to be used in a car with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair. It includes a contact directory of the 450 wineries in the two counties that happily welcome visitors.

$11.95 with Free Shipping

Napa & Sonoma Tour Books from Ralph & Lahni De Amicis. The only books that are written by local guides. They are also created without winery sponsors so we tell you our honest opinions.  

While we focus on wine and winemaking education, we don't miss the spectacular views, beautiful gardens, art collections, farm to table meals and great gift shops that add to your enjoyment and relaxation.

Increasingly small wineries require appointments, but we handle that because we understand the distances and timing, so the day flows perfectly. Let us know what you like so we can base itinerary based on your interets and we are happy to provide lodging and restaurant suggestions.

Our prices are for transportation and handling the logistics. with large groups  the cost for logistics, depending on the experience is customized because this region is made up of small wineries, and fitting everyone in is an art. Luckily we've been doing this a long time and we know the venues that work best. For personal tours or group destination management consulting call Lahni at 707-235-2648. To read more about DMC  CLICK HERE. 

She also responds to emails quickly at Lahni@AmicisTours.com  Pacific Time, Or, use the form below, remember to click Submit Please!

Licensed by CA-PUC TCP-31301 and commercially insured. Beware, many 'drive your car' people are not properly insured. 

Custom Personal Wine Tours and Group Destination Consulting

We're Ralph & Lahni De Amicis, tour book authors, TV hosts and Guides. We drive private, custom designed tours of the Napa & Sonoma Wine Country in our SUV for up to six (6) guests. We also manage unique tours and experiences for large groups and provide multi-media presentations to enhance our visitor's understanding and enjoyment. We love sharing this remarkable region filled with gorgeous views, friendly people, wonderful food and of course, great wines. We also write books about the area and Produce the popular TV show 'Wine Country at Work'. You can find our other TV shows at www.SpaceAndTime.com

Each is built around our client's interests. They include multiple wineries with a nice lunch in the middle. Our guests has varied experience levels, wine preferences and interests, but most people know more about wine than they realize, because your body never forgets a scent or flavor. Every wine you have ever tasted is stored in your taste memory, just waiting for a reminder to bring forth an emotionally rich and typically pleasant memory. Below on the page you can buy two of our tour books. 

This Month's Episode of Wine Country @ Work where the host Ralph De Amicis interviews his friends Wine Educator Sandrew Montgomery 
The Previous Month's Episode of Wine Country @ Work where the host Ralph De Amicis interviews various locals about the issue of smoke from the fires.
A short clip about Opus One and their current tasting situation