Enhancing Group Wine Country Experiences 

These talks greatly enhance a group's Wine Country experience sharing insider secrets for creating a spectacular visit. With a video of beautiful vineyards and wineries running in the background, top local guides, Ralph or Lahni DeAmicis reveal Napa and Sonoma's colorful history from their roots in Europe's vineyards to their place as world famous wine destinations.

They put wine glasses in participant's hands and demonstrate the fun, yet mysterious seeming tasting room techniques that expand their enjoyment and sensory understanding. They include the tricks for tasting wine all day and still remembering where you went the next morning.

Their tour books are available for gifts, talks take 30-60 minutes, ranging from $1000.00 to $2000.00 and up, depending on wine and book quantities. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis are authors of numerous wine country titles and produce the nationally aired TV show Wine Country at Work.Contact us with your groups needs by calling 707-235-2648 Business Hours Pacific Time. Or email lahni@amicistours.com

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Why do people come to Wine Country? Several reasons! First, wine tastes better at the winery, especially when accompanied by a story. Second, a true sign of being a cultured adult is appreciating a fine glass of wine, while understanding wine culture, its history and technology . This is why education, which enhances the experience, is cited as very important by visitors.

In preparation for your Wine Country adventures, our talks share the secrets for having a wonderful wine tasting experience while a video of this beautiful region where you are going to spend your day plays in the background.

            Because adults like feeling confident and capable, even on vacation, the sometimes arcane process of wine tasting can be daunting. But they are simply techniques that improve your perception, appreciation and enjoyment. So putting wine glasses into their hands to share those methods and reveal their purpose is an especially fun part of these talks.   

Napa and Sonoma are the world's top wine destinations because of their remarkable locations. Visitors travel great distances to explore and want every opportunity to enjoy and learn, which makes the Amicis Talks especially helpful.We tell the story of why this area is so special, its colorful history and characters dating back to the 1800's and how the 1970's transformed these sleepy farming valleys into world class wine producers and enchanting tourist destinations.       

Ralph & Lahni's Wine Country Talks

We explain why different grape varietals are grown in distant regions and how the order of the wines poured during the tasting are chosen to guide your nose and palate. We share tricks for improving your tasting endurance by eating the correct foods and how water can help you be illuminated by the wine and not feel obliterated by the alcohol.  When you visit the valleys, with the glass familiar in your hand and bit of wine tasting etiquette, you will feel right at home, looking over the beautiful vineyards where the wines begin their life.

We offer our talks at your event hotel or wineries and we can provide gift books from our catalog at a discount for your group.

Some titles you might enjoy include 'Napa Navigator', 'Napa & Sonoma, A Love Affair in Maps', or 'Wine Survivor, A Team building Game'. If you are planning a corporate event please ask us about our unique business talks!

   The presenters, Ralph or Lahni De Amicis are long time speakers, guides, authors of ten books on wine country, producers and hosts of the TV show 'Wine Country at Work', seen on hundreds of channels across the country. They present their talks in English, Spanish and Italian. For more information, pricing and to book this talk or presentations on Strategic Ergonomics contact us at:

Voice: 707-235-2648 PT  Email: Lahni@amicistours.com  Web: www.AmicisTours.com  

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We speak primarily in the Bay Area and speeches normally run from $1,500.00 to $10,000.00 depending on the subject and materials. 

For more information contact Lahni:  707-235-2648 Lahni@AmicisTours.com or submit the form.

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