Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Wine Country

A Welcome Speech & Media Presentation with
Ralph De Amicis, Guide, Author & TV Host

Unless visitors have been wine tasting before they really don't know what to expect. Then coming to Napa and Sonoma is another level of experience because these counties are the top wine tourism destination in the world. So, the level of hospitality and expertise is is exceptional.

One of the first things people notice is that that wine snobbery is very rare here. That nose in the air experience people experience in big city dining spots is part of the theater of the wine list sommilier.

Visiting Wine Country is visiting Farm Country with really good restaurants. Here Wine has always bee seen as a farm product, like peaches in baskets at a road side stand fronting the orchards. Folks who leave their work shoes outside the door when they get home don't have room for snobbery in their veins.

What they do have is plenty of country hospitality and huge enthusiasm for their work and the products that this beautiful region provides. Of course appreciating wine is a bit more complicated than appreciating a good peach, but not that much. In his talk Ralph explains how vineyards and wineries work and how to most enjoy the tassting room experience. 

Our multi-media presentation explains how Napa & Sonoma became the top wine tourism regions in the world. Did you realize that this is the most continuously occupied region of the Americas, with archeological evidence of human habitation going back over 40,000 years? They probably were not making wine there the whole time, but they certainly are good at it now. Everything grows wonderfully here, which is why they call this the American Eden. 

But how did this area go from a sleepy farming region to one of the world's top wine producing areas? How did it become a center for the culinary arts? How did it become a standard for hospitality that wine regions around the world aspire to emulate? It is a perfect combination of elements, any of which singly would have brought some success. Together they are remarkable. 

Visitors are often surprised by the beauty of the place. They are surprised by how friendly people are. They are surprised by the lack of wine snobbery. Instead, they find a beautiful region filled with enthusiastic, relaxed and welcoming people. 

To help visitors feel comfortable, Ralph & Lahni explain the practical art of visiting wineries to taste wine. The rituals of swirling and sniffing and tasting wine are all about helping your body use your senses most effectively. Just like this talk, it is all about enjoyment and education. What is the best wine? The one you like, because everyone is unique and the wines you like change over time, just like you do. 

Ralph & Lahni explain the way to taste wine for the greatest enjoyment and understanding. These explain the place these wines fill in the wine world, a place where diversity is celebrated and individual tastes are the only true standard. 

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