Before we came into the tour business we traveled, spoke and consulted on natural health. We are both master herbalists and Naturopathic doctors and we've worked with thousands of clients over the years helping them find the information and resources they need to maintain, and sometimes reclaim their good health.

   While we continue with our healing work we focus on education via the media and distributing high quality herbs and supplements. Here we have included some helpful videos. You can find more at

Ralph & Lahni de Amicis


A Tour Guides Insights & Secrets

Tour Guide Experience

When you spend time driving people while they are drinking wine you recognize the health & comfort issues that arise. When you work around people whose work requires drinking wine you see the kinds of health issues that can arise. The short videos here provide natural solutions. The videos below include:

The Joy of Taste, Preserving that Gift

Wine Lover's Herbs & Supplements

Overcoming Motion Sickness

Solving Allergies

The Importance of Magnesium

Why We Know This!

Tour Guide Experience

The Joy of Taste & Preserving that Gift

Hint M: Wine Lover's Herbs

As wines have become increasingly higher in both alcohol and tannin levels, and as side by side tastings have become more popular, it becomes even more important to protect your health from the adverse effects that come from, dare we say it, too much wine. There are herbs, supplements and foods that help the body prepare for and recover from over exposure, whether it is due to a function of your job description (working at a tasting bar) or simply your wine-loving social life. The side effect of this strategy is that your overall health will improve too. After all, taken in the proper proportion and with the correct foods, wine provides some wonderful health benefits.

Hint A: Magnesium

Magnesium is one of America's biggest deficiency. What can it do for you! People arrive here in Wine Country on airplanes and get into our tour cars with their cell phones in their hands. All three of these components create powerful, and potentially toxic electromagnetic fields that consume the body's reserve of the all important mineral, Magnesium. When we describe the symptoms that a deficiency produces, you will probably recognize your own issues in that mix. And you will probably want to run right out and get some! We also include a guide for how to use it most effectively and comfortably.  

Hint I: The Joy of Taste & Preserving That Gift

When you live and work in a place like Wine Country that puts so much emphasis on scent and taste, and you are an herbalist, you learn how to maximize those senses and how to promote and protect them. We explain how the senses function when tasting wines. We, share from our experience, the herbs, supplements and foods that will help you to improve the performance of your senses so that you can appreciate the world of scent and taste even more, for years to come.   

About Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis

 We were writing books about health and design before we became tour guides, and the original book we planned was about winery buildings. But then we started touring to do research and the books started out as our notes about the area. The building book morphed into our first tour book.

The Apps grew out of the books because a tour book in your phone with maps and directories is exactly what you need touring wine country.

The TV show grew out of the videos we created for the apps, and grew and grew. But we never stopped being healers, so if you have questions or need products call.

Lahni  707-235-2648

Hint J: Motion Sickness and the Nutritional Solutions

When a tour guide spends a day driving guests around the winding roads of Wine Country, while they’re drink more alcohol than they are accustomed to, the driver learn a bit about managing motion sickness effectively. That's practically the first question I ask a larger group; “who is prone to car sickness?“ Fear not, there are foods and herbs that can help people eliminate that sensitivity permanently and in this video we explain what does the trick.  

Hint D: Allergies, Solutions From Wine Country

Even the people who live in wine country suffer from allergies periodically, the mix of pollen, yeast, molds and dust can be overwhelming. This is such a fertile place that there is always something blooming, and it can make the sensitive miserable. Thank God for rainy days! Luckily we have some great natural solutions that we have tested in this demanding environment. They will make living here or visiting here much more enjoyable, and they can be helpful when you return home too.